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Welcome to the M.E.D. Card website!

This site is now supported 100% by your purchases and by your generous donations. There are no paid sponsor links, except what Tripod supplies. Please read on and see why we feel this is the best decision based on our situation.

In order to allow more people to benefit from having a M.E.D. Card we have converted this site to a DONATION ONLY site. We have done this for 3 reasons.

1. Greater access to a M.E.D. Card by everyone.

2. Our own medical situation has necessitated the change. You can read more about that by clicking on the "OUR STORY" link. For more information please click on this link "Our Story" or have a look at the "Our Story" link on the left navigation bar. Please take a look. It will explain everything

3. We have noticed several fly by night operations starting similar business. Some have even copied things straight off this site, which doesn't bother us to much. But our big concern is that these sites are offering a similar card but their intent is to sell you something much more substantial. In other words the card is mearly to draw you in. AT M.E.D. Card this is our only business. You will receive NO further e-mails, except in reply and NO sales pitches. See out "PRIVACY POLICY" page on the left navigation bar. You will also have to pay for updates, lets face it things like medications change but at M.E.D. Card your updates are free for 1 year.

In short my wife's breast cancer has returned and she is undergoing treatment. I just recently had a real life emergency and was on life support for 8 days, and my M.E.D. Card may have saved my life.

This card really CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE. We have decided that even if we dont make a lot of money that we don't want cost to be a factor in your decision to protect yourself or a loved one. We are doing our best to make them as attainable as possible by everyone.

The Medical Emergency Documentation Card is a Drivers License sized heat laminated, mini medical record. It is there to speak for you, even when you can't. If you find yourself or a loved one in an Emergency Room they need to know right about any health problems and what medicines you are taking. Negative drug interactions have become far to commonplace

The front side of the M.E.D. Card is reserved for administrative data such as contact information, Insurance information and Physician data. This can speed up the time it takes to be seen in an Emergency Room just by having all this information in one place.

The back side is reserved specifically for medical data. Diagnosis, Disabilities, Medicines you are currently taking, and allergies. But, it can also be customised. For example many people want Emergency notification information added and that's no problem.

Below is a sample of the M.E.D. Card. Easy to read, Heat laminated and an absolute necessity for a loved one battling a serious illness, taking daily medication and even for children who travel on sports teams.

For more information please click on this link "Our Story" or have a look at the "Our Story" link on the left navigation bar.


FRONT _______________________________________BACK
M.E.D. Card is now available by donation only. It comes wth 1 FREE update, and NO shipping and Handling charges and or gratitude.
Now is a great time to buy your M.E.D. Card.

Please click this e-mail link to order you new M.E.D.Card. Fill in the entire form. We will send a confirmation e-mail in order to assure you that we have received you order. Then Click on the Paypal link and complete your order. We want to thank you again for you business and your donation.

Wanda S. Johns
M.E.D. Card


If you need more detailed instructions please click HERE.

You can use Paypal's secure payment system which is setup to where you enter the amount. You can pay with any major credit card or by E-Check or mail your donation directly to us. (See below)

Your M.E.D. Card comes with one FREE update within one year and there are NO shipping and handling charges. If you have decided to make a donation only we will still honor a M.E.D. Card order later.

I do need to add one more thing. A M.E.D. Card costs us about $2.00 to make and mail. We really strive for quality. Please keep this in mind when deciding on your donation amount.

M.E.D. Card Order

Donation only

Or mail directly to:

W. Johns
4276 Waylon Dr.
Martinez, GA, 30907

Thank you and have a great day.
We really appreciate your help.

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